Dalton Metal Recycling

Recycling to create new resources


With the strong core values of a family run business and over 30 years' experience, we at Dalton Metal Recycling are proud to be one of the leading...More


To achieve the standards  we consistently aim to provide, the preparation and processing of ferrous scrap requires major investment in heavy...More


Dalton Metal Recycling buy all grades of non-ferrous metal in any form, including metals such as aluminium, brass, copper, lead and stainless steel...More


At our Broxburn facility, light and medium mixed metals, end of life vehicles and consumer goods are fragmentised into clean, high-density furnace feed...More

ASR Process

The Auto Shredder Residue facility is designed to recover raw materials from shredder residues, including plastics, solid recovered fuel, aggregates, and...More

Cable Processing

Each year scrap cable contributes significantly to landfill sites and creates long-term issues due to the fact that plastic coatings are not biodegradable. We use...More 


We can arrange an efficient collection service for large quantities of scrap metal throughout the Central Belt of Scotland. ...More 

Buying from us

We supply high quality ferrous and non-ferrous metals to customers here in the UK and internationally. We export approximately 95% of our reclaimed metals...More

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