Export Sales

Recycling to create new resources


We export approximately 95% of our processed metals and materials to markets all over Europe and Asia. We are able to ship up to 7,000 tonnes DWCC at our Leith Docks facility. We load shipping containers for our ferrous and non-ferrous customers worldwide. Click the photo or here for our Leith Docks drone video. 

Global Trading Partners

We have trading partners in:
Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, China, India, and Pakistan.
The map above shows some examples of destinations we have shipped to.

Export Sales Enquiries

Stephen Dalton Snr.
+(44) 1506 855448


Head Office,
Dalton House,
15 Youngs Road,
East Mains Industrial Estate,
EH52 5LY

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7am till 5pm
Sat 7am till 12pm

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