Buying from us

Recycling to create new resources

Why Buy From Us?

At Dalton Metal Recycling we are proud of the fact that we constantly supply high quality ferrous and non-ferrous to our customers here in the UK and internationally.

We are able to keep up with the demand of multi-tonnage requirements due to the fact that we have up-to-date machinery and equipment and a group of employees that are well trained and extremely motivated to provide the best product.

• Highly competitive pricing
• High level of customer satisfaction
• Extensive transport fleet
• 30 years’ experience in metal recycling
• Modern weighbridges
• RAD-COM radiation detection system ( all metal screened for radiation)


Ferrous: shredded stainless

Non-ferrous: copper, copper armatures, zorba, lead, batteries


+(44) 1506 855448


Head Office,
Dalton House,
15 Youngs Road,
East Mains Industrial Estate,
EH52 5LY

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7am till 5pm
Sat 7am till 12pm

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