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What do we buy?

Heavy Copper

At Dalton's we purchase a vast variety of copper in which we export to be made into new materials. Heavy Copper is made up of any type copper from copper heating tanks, copper pipes, copper wire and Yorkshire fittings, We process the material by cleaning, squeezing and grading the material before the sale.


Aluminium is purchased in many forms, from aluminium frames, cast aluminium, aluminium wheels. Commonly known as 'ally' the material is cut or baled to a sales grade then sold to foundries to be remoulded to a ingot form in a furnace then sold to be made into new products.


Brass fittings from kitchens and bathrooms are the most common brass bought. Known as yellow brass from door handles to ornaments we buy all types of brass. The material is screened and cleaned before it is sent for refining.

Stainless Steel

Stainless is bought on the basis of its nickel content. We buy stainless in many forms including; sinks, pipes and solids. All stainless bought is checked for its nickel content with a niton analysing gun, this gives the exact make up of the material allowing us to separate materials bought into there correct grade. Once sorted, the material is cleaned then baled, cut or shredded ready for refining.

Copper Cables

We purchase all types of copper cabling whether it is protected by steel armour or data cables. The most common type of cabling purchased is twin and earth found in every house in the country. The cable is purchased and separated by its copper content then either stripped or shredded to leave the copper ready for sale.