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Selling your scrap to us
At Dalton we have a long-standing relationship with our customers down to the fact that we are honest, provide an excellent customer service and most of all provide great prices for scrap metals. The prices of metals fluctuate daily but at Dalton we consistently deliver with competitive prices for our scrap.

Who do we buy from?
We buy any types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from anyone who produces scrap metal; this includes the general public, construction companies, local trade, businesses, and waste companies just to name a few.

Collection or delivery
We always aim to put our customers first and that is why our flexible process is welcomed by most. We can either take delivery at our local sites or, for larger quantities, come and collect it from you. We can handle anything from a few kilos of scrap to contracts of hundreds of tonnes. Our state of the art lorries that carry 12 yard skips, 20, 30 and 40 yard bins allow us to be precise when collecting scrap. We currently don't offer a collection service for household waste or scrap cars.
All of our yards in Central Scotland have a modern weighbridge which gives an accurate weight, meaning that the customer gets every penny for their scrap.

At Dalton we always pay a premium price for your scrap, regardless of market fluctuation or competitor movement. Our pricing structure combined with our reliable service makes Dalton metal recycling one of the most reputable scrap metal companies in Scotland.


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