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Selling Scrap to Dalton Metals

There is a cash ban across the metal recycling industry in Scotland from 1st September, 2016 and therefore we are no longer able to make direct payment of cash for scrap metal.

However, Cheque Cashing facilities will allow our customers to cash cheques on site.

We now offer the following methods of payment methods to our customers:

 * Please note that the Same Day Faster Payment is only available pre 4pm Monday to Friday. Trading post 4pm Monday to Thursday will arrive in the bank account the next day and Friday on the following Monday. Any transactions put through on a Saturday morning will appear in the bank account on the following Monday.

Cheque Cashing Service at all DMR yards in operation from 01.09.16

Dalton Group Limited are now operating as an agent of Cheque Exchange Limited. Only cheques that have been issued by Dalton Group Ltd can be exchanged for cash for a 3% administration fee.

The cheque cashing process explained:

Please advise the weighbridge office that you would like to cash your cheque and the following process follows:-

Please note - we are unable to cash any cheques that are made out to a company. 

Identification required from customers from 01.09.16

As well as the above we are now required to take personal ID for all customers who wish to sell their scrap to Dalton Group Limited. The ID required for the new legislation is either:

Driving licence photo card OR Passport

AND last 3 months' utility bill (gas/electric/water/council tax etc. – to confirm address)

Bank Details - Please note that first time customers must bring their bank sort code and account number to set up to receive BACS payment.


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