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Dalton Metal Recycling

With the strong core values of a family run business and over 30 years’ experience, we at Dalton’s are proud to be one of the leading scrap metal companies in Scotland. Dalton Metal Recycling’s success has been built on our willingness to provide the customer with the best possible service, and the fact that our client base is growing is testament to the hard work our employees do on a daily basis. With our business growing at a fast rate we are reacting by expanding our human resource team providing jobs across our yards in Central Scotland. We have also invested heavily in state of the art technology to deal with demand making us more efficient and giving us the edge in a very unpredictable and ever changing market.

At our new head quarters and main processing facility in Broxburn, West Lothian, we have currently installed a Metso Fragmentizer (Shredder) which will produce Shredded Steel Scrap - a high density furnace feed ready for export. Various grades of non-ferrous metals are extracted during the Fragmentizing process using the most up to date technology.

Our Leith Depot is one of the oldest Scrap Metal Yards in Scotland, combined with the investment of modern technology; we have been able to maintain a very busy but very efficient yard, which is at the heart of the industrial village in Leith.

Our newest depot is in Glasgow’s east end, showing the ambition of our company to expand and maintain the efficient reputation we have gained. The new depot allows us to target a wider range of potential customers who can experience at first hand the strong reputation that we have as a company.

All depots provide ideal locations for access to major motorway systems and ports in Grangemouth and Glasgow.

We shall continue to invest in plant and machinery and training to ensure that we remain one of the leaders in the scrap metal industry. We have installed a RAD-COM Radiation Detection system - this ensures that any metal entering our depot has been screened for radiation.

Dalton Metal Recycling welcomes any potential customer to contact our branches, whether it’s from a factory which requires skips/bins or a tradesman/householder wishing to dispose of their metal waste.

The true measure of our success is the loyalty of our customers and suppliers. They don't choose us purely for our industry-leading prices, they like the friendly and helpful way we do business.

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